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1 bed room (Viola utca)




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  1. Sunny

    I’m interested in this apartment for my daughter who is going to Semmelweis Medical school this summer. But we’re still in our countray yet. How can i know more information and hold this apartment? Please let me know. Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Sunny

      As we talked today morning i do not think that this flat will be available till August or September but for sure we will have other properties at that time , 2 weeks before the arrival time is the best time to start searching for rent.
      I sent you also our full package for new students for Semmelweis university since i am studying medicine there too, can understand your situation much better but if you are just interested about renting a flat our services are free of charge .
      if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me .

      Best regards
      My Rent Guide kft

  2. Sunny

    Thank you so much. My daughter will arrive there on 3rd of August. So I need to talk to you in middle of July again. But I really like the above place….
    I’m interested in your package service too. But I need to think more because of the Corona isolation for two weeks.

    • admin

      Dear Sunny
      Your welcome, we try our best to make this journey as comfortable as possible for new students, most of them are young 18-22 years old and going to the new country which everything is different from simple shopping till new rules and paper woks…
      I can talk with the owner of this property maybe he accept the reservation and waiting till 3rd of august just in case that your daughter already got her visa and bought her ticket for 3rd of august so we can be 100% sure .
      In this case i can send you some videos about all the details of this flat and if you like it in next step also i will send you the pre-contract with all the details you can print, sing then scan and send it back to us, just need to transfer 1 month rental fee for reservation to the owner bank account.
      We can go together with your daughter to the flat directly from the airport sinning the final contract and pay the deposit equal by 2 month rental fee so she do not need to stay in hotel even if till that time 2 weeks quarantine rule would be require then she can stay in her fully furnished flat which is much cheaper than 2 weeks stay in any hotel.
      let me know if you have any questions

      Best regards
      My Rent Guide kft

  3. Sunny

    That sounds great.
    She doesn’t have a visa yet. Korean is allowed to enter Hungary without visa. She will get the visa after arriving in Budapest with all documents required.
    And I’m just worried about the real conditions of apartment and other expenses that i woun’t realize here.
    More information, it would hep us more. Thank you again.

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