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About us

My Rent Guide Kft.

Who are we?

Our company provides complex services for students who move to Hungary.

Fully Furnished Studio flat and apartments in Great Locations in budapest and szeged

Low Rent Promise. Call Us Today.

What are these complex services?

If you need help with:

✓ accommodation, Renting or Buying

✓ immigration process

✓ university registration

✓ general guidance within Budapest or Szeged

✓ pick up at the airport

✓ hotel reservation

Renting or Buying… 

Our professional Real Estate Company will help you with every part of this process. Our team includes professional real estate agents and lawyers with many years of experience, who are here to guide you through all the paper works, applications, and contracts.

At the immigration…

To have all the important documents in time is a must. To save time and avoid unnecessary headaches, we help you here as well. Having an appointment, not waiting for hours and knowing that you will have all your documents in time is much more comfortable than the last minute run.

University… What’s next?

We are happy to tell you, that we are official representatives of BME, Corvinus University, McDaniel College and more to come. Members of our team are foreign University students in Budapest (SOTE) and in Szeged as well, therefore we know what you are going through. Which building, where and how to register, who to turn to, which exam, which book, etc…. let us help you!

Life in Budapest and Szeged…

When you move to a different country, with different culture and language (that happened to be one of the most difficult in the world), you might need some guidance, even with “minor, but still important situations. SIMcard, internet in your apartment, tickets, “what is where”, etc…. we know how this goes 🙂

When you arrive…

We gladly guide you literally from the moment you arrive. Members of our team will meet you at the airport, so you will easily be able to get to the city. They will also explain everything that you need to know, so you won’t have any obstacles when next time you reach the airport alone.

The first few nights…

Unfortunately, you cannot rent an apartment without being actually here and even though we do our best to find you an apartment as soon as possible, it might take some days. Therefore, we offer you more possibilities for the first few nights or even weeks that you spend in the city.

We are here to help you!


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